GUS Schema >> RAD::AffymetrixMAS5 (subclass of RAD::CompositeElementResult )

This view of CompositeElementResultImp is for quantification of microarray data using Affymetrix Microarray Suite, Version 5.0.

Light yellow rows indicate columns provided from the superclass.

column nulls? type description
COMPOSITE_ELEMENT_ID no RAD::CompositeElement (NUMBER(10,0) )FK to CompositeElement, the corresponding entry in the composite element view this result is referring to. Edit
QUANTIFICATION_ID no RAD::Quantification (NUMBER(8,0) )FK to quantification. There can be CompositeElementResult values without corresponding ElementResult's, as can be the case in summary values for Affy probe sets. Edit
SIGNAL FLOATThe signal represents the amount of transcript in solution. For each PM intensity, a matching MM probe provides a reference background hybridization intensity. If the MM value is less than the PM value, the algorithm uses the MM value directly. However, if the MM value is larger than the PM value, the algorithm creates an adjusted MM value based on the average difference intensity between log2 PM and log2 MM, or if that measure is too small, some fraction of PM. Edit
DETECTION STRING(5) The call in an absolute analysis indicating the presence (P), absence (A), marginal (M), or no call (NC) of a transcript. Edit
DETECTION_P_VALUE FLOATSignificance level of the detection call. Edit
STAT_PAIRS NUMBER(5,0) The number of probe pairs in each probe set. Edit
STAT_PAIRS_USED NUMBER(5,0) The number of probe pairs used by the Statistical Expression algorithm to determine the absolute detection call. This is determined by: (number of pairs) - (masked probe pairs) - (saturated MM probe pairs). Edit

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