GUS Schema >> RAD::ProbeProfiler (subclass of RAD::CompositeElementResult )

This view of CompositeElementResultImp is for quantification of microarray data using Probe Profiler (Version 2.0).

Light yellow rows indicate columns provided from the superclass.

column nulls? type description
COMPOSITE_ELEMENT_ID no RAD::CompositeElement (NUMBER(10,0) )FK to CompositeElement, the corresponding entry in the composite element view this result is referring to. Edit
QUANTIFICATION_ID no RAD::Quantification (NUMBER(8,0) )FK to quantification. There can be CompositeElementResult values without corresponding ElementResult's, as can be the case in summary values for Affy probe sets. Edit
E_SCORE FLOATEstimate of transcript abundance for this probeset. Edit
SD FLOATEstimate of the standard deviation for the e_score assuming additive variance. Value is intended to be reflective of background noise in the low signal intensity ranges. Edit
SD_LOG FLOATEstimate of the natural log of the multiplicative standard deviation assuming multiplicative variance. This variance is used if expression score is large enough. Specifically, if the multiplicative variance is greater than the noise_threshold_ratio times the additive variance. If not used in estimating, sd_log is set equal to zero. Edit
P_VALUE FLOATThe p-value testing the null hypothesis that this probeset has an expression score (e_score) greater than zero. Assumes additive variance ONLY. Edit
PP_USED NUMBER(5,0) Number of probe pairs used to calculate expression score (e_score). Edit
PP_NOT_USED NUMBER(5,0) Number of probe pairs NOT used to calculate expression score (e_score). Edit
PP_SATURATED NUMBER(5,0) Number of probe pairs that were saturated. Edit

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