GUS Schema >> RAD::SAM (subclass of RAD::AnalysisResult )

This view of AnalysisResultImp is for the results of analyses done with SAM (Statistical Analysis of Microarrays). The output of a SAM analysis consists of a list of significant (composite) elements with attached d statistics and q-values.

Light yellow rows indicate columns provided from the superclass.

column nulls? type description
ANALYSIS_RESULT_ID no NUMBER(12,0) primary key Edit
SUBCLASS_VIEW no STRING(27) name of the view Edit
ANALYSIS_ID no RAD::Analysis (NUMBER(8,0) )FK to Analysis. The analysis this result refers to. Edit
TABLE_ID Core::TableInfo (NUMBER(5,0) ) Edit
ROW_ID NUMBER(12,0) Edit
D FLOATThe value of the SAM d statistic for this (composite) element. Edit
R FLOATThe numerator of d. Edit
S_PLUS_S0 FLOATThe denominator of d. Edit
Q_VALUE_PERC FLOATThe lowest FDR at which the gene is called significant. This is expressed as a percentage. Edit
FOLD_CHANGE FLOATThe ratio of the average expression levels of a gene under condition 1 and condition 2. These averages refer to the raw (unlogged) data. Edit

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