GUS Schema >> RAD::ShortOligoFamily (subclass of RAD::CompositeElement )

View of CompositeElement. View gives common attributes for groups of oligos that map to the same gene.

Light yellow rows indicate columns provided from the superclass.

column nulls? type description
COMPOSITE_ELEMENT_ID no NUMBER(10,0) primary key Edit
PARENT_ID RAD::CompositeElement (NUMBER(10,0) )pointer back to CompositeElement Edit
ARRAY_DESIGN_ID no RAD::ArrayDesign (NUMBER(4,0) ) Edit
SUBCLASS_VIEW no STRING(27) name of the view Edit
EXTERNAL_DATABASE_RELEASE_ID SRes::ExternalDatabaseRelease (NUMBER(12,0) )FK to SRES.ExternalDatabaseRelease. Identifies the version of the external database. Edit
SOURCE_ID STRING(50) unique identifier of the entry in the external database Edit
NAME STRING(100) text descriptor for the entry Edit
DESCRIPTION STRING(500) description of the entry Edit

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