GUS Schema >> RAD::SpotFamily (subclass of RAD::CompositeElement )

View of CompositeElement. View gives common attributes for groups of elements from same source plate/well.

Light yellow rows indicate columns provided from the superclass.

column nulls? type description
COMPOSITE_ELEMENT_ID no NUMBER(10,0) primary key Edit
PARENT_ID RAD::CompositeElement (NUMBER(10,0) )pointer back to CompositeElement Edit
ARRAY_DESIGN_ID no RAD::ArrayDesign (NUMBER(4,0) ) Edit
SUBCLASS_VIEW no STRING(27) name of the view Edit
EXTERNAL_DATABASE_RELEASE_ID SRes::ExternalDatabaseRelease (NUMBER(12,0) )FK to SRES.ExternalDatabaseRelease. Identifies the version of the external database. Edit
SOURCE_ID STRING(50) unique identifier of the entry in the external database Edit
PLATE_NAME STRING(100) Unique identifier of source plate. Edit
WELL_LOCATION STRING(100) Unique identifier of well on source plate. Edit
PCR_FAILURE_FLAG NUMBER(3,0) Flag to determine if the PCR reaction has failed. null=Not Applicable, 0=passed PCR, 1=failed PCR, 2=multiple bands. If the distinction between 1 and 2 is not provided, designate as 1. Edit
NAME STRING(500) text descriptor for the entry Edit
DESCRIPTION STRING(500) text description of the entry Edit

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