GUS Developer's Guide

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The Genomics Unified Schema and Application Framework are subject to various license terms and copyrights as outlined in the LICENSE file provided with the software.

Table of Contents

1. Developing GUS Plugins
GUS Plugins
Supported versus Community Plugins
The Plugin API
The Plugin Standard
Plugin Naming
GUS Primary Keys
Application Specific Tables
Command Line Arguments
Use of GUS Objects
Database Access
Standard Output
Handling Errors
Failure Recovery and Restart
Opening Files
Caching to Minimize Database Access
Regular Expressions
Variable and Method Names
Application Specific Controlled Vocabularies
Assigning an External Database Release Id
2. Extending the Schema
Creating New Objects in the Database
Adding New Columns to Existing Tables
Adding New Tables
Adding New Views
Updating GUS Version Objects
Updating Core.TableInfo
Rebuilding Objects

List of Tables

2.1. Core.TableInfo Description

List of Examples

1.1. A Sample new() method
1.2. Defining Command Line Arguments
1.3. Defining Plugin Documentation
1.4. Typical Database Access
1.5. Properly Opening a File