Downloading GUS

The most recent release of GUS is available from the GUS Project website ( as a single distributable. From time to time, the GUS Project website may also provide less stable development releases of GUS as a single distributable. In addition, the GUS source repository is available for "bleeding edge" releases.


Since the 3.5 release of GUS, the source repository is no longer the preferred or recommended method for downloading GUS. The source repository contains the most recent additions and changes to GUS, which may be inconsistent with this and other documentation, and which may include changed APIs that could cause data loss.

Once downloaded, the GUS distribution should be moved to the location of your preference, and expanded:

$ tar -zxvf gus-x.x.x.tar.gz


Throughout this documentation, the dollar ($) symbol will be used at the beginning of a line to denote the shell prompt. You should not type the dollar symbol as part of your input.