Installing GUS

You are now ready to install the GUS Schema and/or Application Framework. The Schema should only be installed once per GUS instance/database and most commonly will be shared by many users (each with their own installation of the Application Framework). To install both the Schema and Application Framework, use the following command:

$ build GUS install -append -installDBSchema

If the Schema has already been installed, you should instead use the following command:

$ build GUS install -append

The install process should take 5-30 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of your system, your RDBMS, and the specific tasks required for your environment. When complete, you will see the following on your screen:

[echo] Installation Complete


You may at some point see [concat] No existing files and no nested text, doing nothing as part of the install process. This is a normal message and does not indicate that an error has occurred.